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During my recent trip to Seattle I stayed at the fabulous Kimpton Hotel Vintage Park (click here to read my review).  Being a Kimpton InTouch member, I received $20 of free food at the hotel so I booked a reservation at Tulio for 6:15pm.

As you walk through the lobby, you enter the restaurant through antique revolving doors that open into a warm and welcoming italian trattoria.  I walked to the hostess stand at the front and they offered a seat in their bistro or main dining room.  I chose the main dining room for the ambiance.


I lucked out that November is restaurant month for Kimpton which means they offer a 3 course meal for $35 at many of their hotels.  Make sure you follow the instructions to make a reservation and add "kit menu" in the special instructions area if you want to participate!

I asked the waiter if I would have a special menu or had to pick from a list and he explained I could choose ANYTHING on the menu I wanted.  So, I asked him for his favorites and he shared about 10 items on the quaint list.  He then went on to explain each dish elaborating on the flavor combinations and pairings.  I was thoroughly impressed and asked him to order something for me, which he graciously did.


So I sat and enjoyed a glass of Montepulciano D'Abbruzzo when my starter arrived.  I chose the burrata, beet, and grape salad.  Let me tell you.... this was divine!  Not only was there two different types of beets delivering distinctly different flavors, but the plate was lined with a cranberry/beet vinaigrette.  If you have not had burrata before, envision fresh mozzarella, yet creamier.  The light delicate cheese paired nicely with the fresh sweet beets and the lightly acidic beet vinaigrette.  As I took bites combining all the elements on the plate, a synergy of fresh lightly sweet flavors were present.  This was such a refreshing start to the evening. 

Next up was the main dish and the highlight of the dinner: the veal chop. I ordered this medium rare and was impressed by the size and presentation when it finally arrived.  The chop is covered with creamy spinach, leeks, truffle oil, and finally crispy prosciutto   What made this even more divine was that the chop was STUFFED with mozzarella.  At first glance, I was a bit intimidated by the size of the dish, but after I took one bite, I knew I would finish it in entirety and potentially lick the plate!  Just like the beet salad, this dish was a phenomenal combination of flavors that played on each other beautifully.  The creamy spinach and truffle oil lining the bottom of the plate was a wonderful sauce for the stuffed meat.  And the prosciutto's crunch gave each bite texture and flavor.  As I got to the end of the plate, I had finished off the proscuitto and the spinach.  I recognized that without those elements, the flavor was ok, but nothing special.  Chef Walter Pisano is a master at combining tastes and textures.  I thoroughly enjoyed this plate so much, I would potentially make a trip back just to have it again.  Just keep in mind the normal price is $38, so probably not in the budget as a regular.

I finished my trio by choosing the pistachio semifreddo.   For those of you not familiar with a semifreddo, it is a half frozen creamed dessert.  Envision a more airy version of gelato that doesn't melt as fast! This dessert would be the pistachio lover's dream.  I do like the flavor, however, each bite was filled with nuts which are not my favorite.  The semifreddo was paired with orange infused chocolate pieces which again is not my favorite.  I would personally try the cannoli on my next visit, but this was a nice end to the evening.  

I highly suggest you try Tulio's during restaurant month.  This was hands down one of my top 15 meals I have ever eaten!

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