When choosing a hotel most of us business travellers log onto our company travel site, choose the cheapest room that also earns us rewards points and book.  Make sure next time you choose a hotel, you don't overlook the Kimpton Hotel Group - you can even earn points by joining their InTouch loyalty program.

Kimpton has been my favorite chain of hotels since 2003 with my first visit to the Marlowe in Cambridge, MA.  Being a boutique hotel, you expect individuality, chic style, and splashes of fun.  Kimpton does all this and much more.  I'll explain how Kimpton make the experience delightful with my recent visit to the Firesky.

Located right smack dab in the tourist area of Old Scottsdale, this hotel leaves little to be desired for location.  It is a short walk to many great eateries, bars, shopping, and commerce.  In fact, it is very close to Fashion Square Mall, Arizona's largest mall including many top end luxury brands.  What makes Firesky unique from other hotels in the area, however, is that it acts as a full resort with wonderful services and amenities that may have you asking if you really need to venture away from the property at all!

As you walk into the lobby, you are immediately overwhelmed by a beautiful fireplace centerpiece.  The area is open, inviting, and furnished with modern accents.  Guests - including those with pets (who stay complimentary) - can be seen roaming around the area or sitting and chatting.  To offer a more relaxing setting, Kimpton has always sponsored a complimentary social hour including an array of drinks.  Kimpton does a wonderful job at creating drinks that match the local area and upon my arrival, I was offered a prickly pear margarita which was divine!

Taggia photo courtesy of AZCentral
As you walk beyond the fireplace, you are greeted by a large bar and the Taggia restaurant to your left.  The Taggia offers fine dining options for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It also hosts indoor and poolside seating allowing you to enjoy the open air.

Next stop: walk through the back doors into the magnificent pool area.  Talk about ambiance; the grounds are covered by flowers, palm trees, and other shade trees.  The main pool is bordered by towering firebowls with fountains pouring into the pool.  All you can imagine is fun and relaxation.   A sight to see at night!

What makes the area more impressive is the expansiveness of the pools, lagoons, seating areas, and gardens.  Just when you think you've seen it all with the main pool area, you realize there is more to come.

To the right of the main pool is a second pool with a sandy bottom.  Although I had no desire to play in the sand, it became an extremely inviting area for families with kids.  You could see Kimpton created an easy solution to attract families and business travelers alike.



The hotel offers another unique service in their pool areas - the option to make smores at night over the fire pits.  What a neat idea that fosters guests to chat, enjoy learning about each other, and enjoy the wonderful Arizona warm weather!  Keep in mind, it is very mild here and cold at night from November - April.  Regardless of the heat, smores are always accepted in my book.

Now on to the reason you are here: the room.

I chose a room with 2 queen beds.  Decorated with a fresh, clean look, I was happy to fall into one of the plush mattresses and could have fallen instantly asleep.  The staff went to great lengths not to skimp on material and I felt like if I fell asleep I would never wake up.  This is the direct opposite to most hotels I visit where I toss and turn all night to the sound of the air conditioner.  They also have a great turndown service - I've had everything from chocolate to bubblegum left on my bed depending on hotel location/theme!

I also want to comment about the sound between rooms - there was none.  I normally am very frustrated about people in the hallways screaming or yelling to all hours of the night, but not here.  And the best part about it, the rooms were ample size with a balcony overlooking the courtyard.

The only remaining area I was not able to test was their spa.  I have heard wonderful things about their staff, atmosphere, and actual services, but I have yet to try.

So I will leave you here hopefully having a better idea of what a Kimpton exhibits: class, beauty, fun, and relaxing experiences.  Keep in mind that every hotel has a different theme and style only making it more fun to visit different locations.  My doggie Murphey also appreciates the visits here because he is allowed everywhere, receives a personalized welcome with his name on the board, treats at the desk, room service with food/water - and a pet concierge in case I need to leave for a period of time!  So as long as the service and experience continues, I will remain loyal to Kimpton!

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