When I think about the most extravagant rooftop bars, I think of skyscrapers hosting open air views.  P.O.V. in Washington D.C., however, offers a unique exception.  Overlooking The White House, the Treasury, and the Washington Memorial, P.O.V. gives you a one of a kind breathtaking view of some of the most recognizable structures in the D.C. area under a covered awning on the 11th floor.

Before elaborating about the bar, I want to provide a little history of this historic building.  The Hotel Washington was built in 1917 across the street from the White House and the Treasury.  The hotel has hosted politicians, presidents, celebrities, CEOs, and many other famous individuals.  Several movies including the Godfather Part II were filmed on the rooftop. 

You'll notice from the moment you walk into the hotel that the W Hotel staff care about keeping the splendor of the original hotel while implementing modern touches of design and color.  The original wainscoting and cornices are prevalent throughout the entire lobby area.  The original check-in area (seen below) still remains

a substantial area of the lobby preserving the history and character of the hotel.  To make it more modern, they have added red chandeliers and LED purple lighting throughout the lobby bar and seating areas.

And the experience doesn't stop there.  From the moment you walk in staff are smiling, welcoming and ready to help wherever possible.  The W protrudes hospitality and warmth from almost every staff member we encountered making the entire experience enjoyable. 

Now on to the reason for this entire post: the P.O.V. rooftop bar.  We went to enjoy this area for two separate occasions: 1. to complete some work while witnessing breathtaking views 2. to enjoy the wonderful weather.  As for the views, I've already stated that you can see the White House, Treasury, and Washington Monument.  Being so close to the White House, you can actually see the security monitoring the roof and walking around the grounds. 

As you can imagine, P.O.V. is a common after work destination for officials, politicians, and we could see this was the case on both of our visits.  We encountered Royal airforce members, US armed forces, and many well

dressed guests.

In the evening the bar also opens a second glassed-in room that serves as a dance club playing modern dance hits.  For those who prefer mingling to classic rock tunes, the open air bar would be a better choice. 

As for parking, the Hotel valets for $25 for a visit.  I would highly search out an alternative for parking or potentially use the underground parking for the Hotel next door for $17.  I appreciate the exclusivity and one of a kind location and view, but I could see where that fee would hinder me from being a regular if I lived in the area.  If you're travelling on business or pleasure and get a chance to make a stop here, don't miss out!  This is a fabulous option for nightlife in D.C. with views you can't pass up!  Make yourself a reservation as this is